Some Helpful Information About Dirty Life Wheels

Dirty Life Wheels is a brand of tires from one of the leading Australian tire makers Grand Tyres. The Dirty Life Wheel was introduced by the company in 2015, and has remained a competitive popular tire by loyal costumers and off-roading fans. 

Dirty Life Wheels are designed with state of the art technology to withstand very difficult off-roading conditions in Australia and beyond. These edition of tires are a bit smaller than the previous Kelly model. The premise behind the smaller wheels is they are better equipped to take on the most extreme conditions, including all types of rocks.

There are several different types of Dirty Life Wheels available including the INRONMAN. A prominent feature of this model is the protruding bolts on the wheel, which is especially useful for navigating the most challenging road conditions.

One of the latest models of Dirty Life Wheels is the THEORY model which is available in Matte Black and has become one of the most popular models. This model is suitable for all SUV and four by four vehicles. Which enables this model a wide array of vehicles that would be enhanced by this model. This model is also available in Gunmetal Black Lip and Matte Gold Black Lip.

Another model that is also very popular is the ROADKILL STREET. This model is available in two finishes and comes in 18 inches. This model also has protruding bolts, and is very strong on challenging road conditions. There are also DT-1 and DT-2 series in the Dirty Life Wheels series. These come with an internal rim lock, which keeps these wheels 'road legal.' 


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